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/\ Date \/ /\ Speaker \/ Announcement Presentation Topic
Apr 21, 2016 Dr. Missy Rudin-Brown, PhD Meeting Announcement Investigating Human and Organizational Factors ?Involved in the September 2013 Crash Between an OC Transpo Double-Decker Bus and a VIA Train.
Oct 8, 2015 Robert L Wears, MD, MS, PhD Meeting Announcement Safety-I, Safety-II, And the Messy Details of Clinical Work
Jul 28, 2014 Miranda Cornelissen, Ph.D Meeting Announcement System Safety and its Application in Research and Accident Investigation
Feb 20, 2014 Maury Hill, M.Sc. (Erg) , Mary Louise Gifford, M.Sc. (Health Erg) and Tanya Hewitt PhD (cand) Meeting Announcement Practical Safety Risk Management Training – (1) From Hazard Identification to Effective Safety Action or (2) From Recognizing There Is a Problem to Effective Safety Action
Jul 6, 2013 Chapter Executive and supporters Meeting Announcement Chapter development BBQ - Date to be confirmed
May 30, 2013 Dr. Roger Woodhead, Chief Design Engineer (LRT) and Brian McDonnell M.Eng.Sc., P.Eng., Meeting Announcement Safety Certification of the Confederation Line
May 30, 2013 Daniel Holbrook Meeting Announcement Railway System Safety in Practice
May 30, 2013 David L. Jeanes, P.Eng Meeting Announcement Public Transportation Safety and the Public Interest
May 30, 2013 Terry Kelly Meeting Announcement Imagine
Mar 21, 2013 Heather Henderson Meeting Announcement Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment: Are We Stuck Inside the Box?
May 31, 2012 Dr Kathleen Sutcliffe Meeting Announcement Managing the Unexpected: Assuring High Performance in an Age of Uncertainty
May 31, 2012 Dr Brenda Zimmerman Meeting Announcement The Difference between Safety in Simple, Complicated and Complex Challenges
Apr 19, 2012 Terry Kelly and Tom Moir Meeting Announcement Manage what you measure: Practical steps to proactively measure safety performance/Gérez ce que vous mesurez : une marche à suivre pratique pour mesurer de manière proactive le rendement en matière de sécurité
Jan 19, 2012 Ian MacLeod Meeting Announcement Safety Journalism - the View from Behind the News Desk / Journalisme de la sécurité – Point de vue de la salle de presse
Oct 13, 2011 Suzanne Dolecki Meeting Announcement Root Cause Analysis and Human and Organizational Factors Experience in the Nuclear Power Plant Industry
May 26, 2011 Jean Yves Fiset PhD Meeting Announcement Procedures as a productivity and safety tool
May 26, 2011 Dr Garth Hunte Meeting Announcement Creating Safety in an Emergency Department
May 26, 2011 Ms. Leah Soroka Meeting Announcement Safety in an Uncertain World
May 26, 2011 Graham Creedy Meeting Announcement Industrial Process Safety/La sécurité des processus industriels
Apr 7, 2011 Linda Hunter, RN, MScN Meeting Announcement Building Capacity in Quality and Patient Safety at The Ottawa Hospital – an Ongoing Journey
Mar 3, 2011 Maury Hill Meeting Announcement Safety Investigations Training Workshop
Oct 21, 2010 Mr. Robert Donald Meeting Announcement An Approach to Providing Human Resource Solutions to SMS Implementation Challenges
Jun 10, 2010 Karen Cardiff Meeting Announcement If you think quality and safety are the same...think again
Jun 10, 2010 Steven Bittle Meeting Announcement Corporate Criminal Liability after the Westray Mine Disaster
Jun 10, 2010 Dr. Redouane Bouali Meeting Announcement Understanding Patient Safety
Jun 10, 2010 Kathy Fox Meeting Announcement Impact of Implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) on Risk Management and Decision-Making
May 6, 2010 Pierre Lahaie Meeting Announcement Integrated Management System Standards in the Canadian Nuclear Industry/Normes en matière systèmes intégrés de gestion dans l’industrie nucléaire canadienne
Mar 25, 2010 Laurel Taylor Meeting Announcement Patient Safety in Canada - La sécurité des patients au Canada ...
Feb 11, 2010 Steve Montague Meeting Announcement Telling the Safety Performance Story
Jan 14, 2010 Drury Allen Meeting Announcement Investigations in the Correctional Environment
Mar 12, 2009 Krewski, Daniel Meeting Announcement RISK COMMUNICATION OF POPULATION HEALTH RISKS
Jan 15, 2009 Clement, Christopher Meeting Announcement The international framework for radiation safety
Nov 27, 2008 Fox, Kathy Meeting Announcement Evolving approaches to managing safety and investigating accidents
Jun 12, 2008 Van Dyke, Capt Donald L Meeting Announcement From Dryden to Bill C - 7
Jun 12, 2008 Van Dyke, Capt Donald L Meeting Announcement Companion paper - The Role of the Judiciary in Aviation Safety - The Inside Story and Legacy of Dryden
May 23, 2008 Muniak, Charles Meeting Announcement Merging Assurance and the Capability Maturity Model Integration for Software: Efforts and Opportunities
Feb 1, 2008 Kelly, Terry and Mullane Monica Meeting Announcement Proactive Safety Management - Runway Incursions As A Case Study
Apr 19, 2007 Masys, Major A.J. Meeting Announcement SYSTEM SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A) for Modeling and Simulation Recent Developments
Feb 8, 2007 Heslegrave, Ronald J. Meeting Announcement Using the SMART (Safety Management Audit and Review Tool) Method to Assess Safety Management Systems in Aviation systems
Dec 1, 2006 Parker, Heather Meeting Announcement Understanding human performance in socio-technical systems
Oct 12, 2006 Henderson, Heather Meeting Announcement The Do's and Don'ts of Implementing a SMS
Mar 3, 2006 Fisher, Bryce Meeting Announcement The Safety Spectrum
Jan 27, 2006 Kelly, Terry Meeting Announcement And Now for Something Completely Different…
Oct 28, 2005 Mein, Douglas Meeting Announcement "A Framework for the Evaluation of Safety Performance Automated Risk and Trend Assessment for Aviation Safety Management Systems"
Sep 23, 2005 Richman, Alex Meeting Announcement "Automated Risk and Trend Assessment for Aviation Safety Management Systems Automated Risk and Trend Assessment for Aviation Safety Management Systems"
Apr 22, 2005 Forster, Alan Meeting Announcement Safety Within Healthcare
Mar 11, 2005 Poole, Michael Meeting Announcement Accident Investigation Without The Accident
Jan 14, 2005 Fox, Kathy Meeting Announcement System Safety Presentation
Nov 19, 2004 Stuart, Jon Meeting Announcement Task Analysis: A Foundation for Safety
Sep 17, 2004 Pomfret, Bill Meeting Announcement Measuring Safety Performance, A Practical Approach
Jun 11, 2004 Clarke, Captain Rick Meeting Announcement System Safety and Airline Pilots: An ALPA Perspective
Apr 30, 2004 Hill, Maury W. Meeting Announcement The Irony of Organizational Barriers to Safety Management
Nov 30, -0001 Meeting Announcement Watch this space!