Resume Advertisement for Mr. Bedan Njenga:

Job Position Sought: Mechanical Engineer and eventually a consulting engineer position in the international environment

Name: Bedan Njenga, 415 - 1017 11th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, T: (403) 891-3022 E: 


Professional qualifications:

Previous experience:
- (2008) Aeronautical Engineering Lecturer, Kenya Polytechnic University College, NBI

- (2006-2008) Project Engineer and Manager, Danelle Dev. Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya

- (2005-2006) Project Engineer/Sales Negotiator, Link Up., London, U.K

- (2003-2004) Project Design Engineer, Thales Training & Simulation. (Aerospace), U.K

- (2002-2003) Designer Engineer, Thames Water PLC, London, U.K

Academic Education:

- (2005) Master (Hon) Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics Brunel University; London, U.K.

- (2004) Bachelor (Hon) Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics Brunel University, London, U.K.