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Investigating Human and Organizational Factors ?Involved in the September 2013 Crash Between an OC Transpo Double-Decker Bus and a VIA Train.

Dr. Missy Rudin-Brown, PhD
Senior Human Factors Investigator, Transportation Safety Board of Canada

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is an independent agency that advances transportation safety by investigating occurrences in the marine, pipeline, rail and air modes of transportation. The investigation of human and organizational factors is an important component of many investigations, regardless of transportation mode. In order to understand why an accident or incident occurred, and to prevent similar events from re-occurring in the future, the human and organizational factors of an occurrence must be investigated fully. Working within multidisciplinary investigation teams, TSB human factors investigators use a systems approach to the investigation and analysis of human and organizational factors.

The TSB’s investigation into the September 2013 collision between an OC Transpo double-decker bus and a VIA Rail passenger train in Ottawa identified numerous contributory human and organizational factors, including work-related driving distractions, driver workstation layout, speed, roadway configuration, and company practices. The presentation will explain and review the TSB’s approach to investigating for human and organizational factors, and discuss how these factors were investigated during the investigation of the OC Transpo occurrence.

Dr. Christina (Missy) Rudin-Brown has been a Senior Human Factors Investigator since joining the TSB in 2012. In addition to having over 17 years’ experience in transportation safety and human factors, she holds Ph.D. and Master of Arts degrees in Experimental Psychology from the University of Toronto, a BA (Hons.) in Psychology from the University of Ottawa, and is a board member of the Canadian College for Certified Professional Ergonomists (CCCPE). She is also an expert member of the U.S. Transportation Research Board (TRB)’s standing committee on highway/rail grade crossings (AHB60). Previous to the TSB, Dr. Rudin-Brown was a Senior Researcher with the Human Factors team at the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) in Melbourne (Australia) and spent over 10 years as a Human Factors Specialist in Transport Canada’s Road Safety Directorate. She has published over 90 peer-reviewed papers across a number of transportation safety areas, including operator behaviour, distraction, in-vehicle automation, and adaptation. She is co-editor with UK colleague, Dr. Samantha Jamson, of the book “Road Safety and Behavioural Adaptation: Theory, Evidence, and Action”, published in 2013 by Taylor & Francis (CRC Press).

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